1970s classic porn – “Sex In The Comics”

Name: Sex In The Comics

Director: Eric von Letch

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1973

Duration: 81 min

Actress: Connie Krumpert,Orita De Chadwick,Nina Fause,Angela Carnon,Tricia Opal

Categories: 1970s classic porn, 1973, United States, English, Eric von Letch, Connie Krumpert, Orita De Chadwick, Nina Fause, Angela Carnon, Tricia Opal, Rick Lutze, Rick Cassidy, Peter Boll, Buck Flower, Jon Barnum, Masturbation

Actors: Rick Lutze,Rick Cassidy,Peter Boll,Buck Flower,Jon Barnum

Although the premise might make this film sound like ordinary 70s sleaze (and I’ll make no assertion that this film’s storyline is super creative), the execution is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. For one, the entire film takes in a whole slew or (purposefully) tacky drawn sets, which are intended to mimic the frequently primitive artwork of the comics they are based off of. Furthermore, the entire cast (well, only the males) wear strange looking face masks throughout the film, again so that they more resemble the comic characters they’re based off of. Again, this might not sound all that odd for anyone whose seen the work of "Rinse Dream" but still, the ambiance of the scenes truly do give the film a very unique feel.