Anne Bie Warburg actress in “Hopla pa sengekanten”

Name: Hopla pa sengekanten

Director: John Hilbard

Country: Denmark

Year: 1976

Duration: 97 min

Language: English

Actress: Anne Bie Warburg,Vivi Rau,Louise Frevert,Kate Mundt,Annie Birgit Garde,Ulla Jessen,Vic Salomonsen,Alice Westerling

Actors: Ole Soltoft,Karl Stegger,William Kisum,Arthur Jensen,Soren Stromberg,Paul Hagen,Otto Brandenburg,Bjorn Puggaard-Muller,Hans Jorgen Jacobsen,Dario Campeotto,Tom Wilke,Alvin Linnemann,Valso Holm,Steen Frohne,Holger Vistisen,Willy Rathnov,Anker Ekelund,Ivar Soe

Categories: Anne Bie Warburg actress, 1976, Denmark, English, John Hilbard, Anne Bie Warburg, Vivi Rau, Louise Frevert, Kate Mundt, Annie Birgit Garde, Ulla Jessen, Vic Salomonsen, Alice Westerling, Ole Soltoft, Karl Stegger, William Kisum, Arthur Jensen, Soren Stromberg, Paul Hagen, Otto Brandenburg, Bjorn Puggaard-Muller, Hans Jorgen Jacobsen, Dario Campeotto, Tom Wilke, Alvin Linnemann, Valso Holm, Steen Frohne, Holger Vistisen, Willy Rathnov, Anker Ekelund, Ivar Soe

This is a great example of Danish vintage porn from the 1970s. "Hopla pa sengekanten" is a story of a family of a hard-working businessman. The neglected wife decides to join the relax agency, not knowing that her husband is one of its best clients and often hires girls to entertain his business partners. The characters always find themselves in racy and salty situations, and it’s a great pleasure and fun to watch them dealing with it. You’ll see lots of exciting scenes including passionate lesbian play.