Janey Robbins Biography

Janey Robbins BiographyJaney Robbins: AKA (Janey Black,Janie Robins,Janney Robbins )
Birthday: n/a

Astrology: n/a
Birthplace: n/a
Years Active: 1982- 2007
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: n/a
Hair Color: Black
Measurements: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Tattoo: Yes (Large dragon left shoulder blade; Near appendix)
Piercing: Yes (Clithood; Labia; Nipples)
Frequent partners: Hershel Savage, Marc Wallace, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron
Website: n/a


Porn Star Janey Robbins is one of the most aggressive women on the 80’s hardcore scene, she made her name by being one of the most brazen, most take-charge ladies to ever hit a porno screen. She was a raven-haired vixen with a bombshell figure, a tall and top-heavy sex machine that she kept in tip-top shape. Janey Robbins’ voluptuous figure was what may have gotten her noticed, but it was her full-throttle attitude that kept her so busy.Janey Robbins got into porn in 1983 after a short stint as a nude model. She immediately turned heads with her ball busting sexual style. Janey Robbins’ aggressive approach made her a fave with a certain segment of the audience, but not even non-fans could deny that hers was a presence unlike any other. Just check out the way she dominates William Margold in 1984’s ‘Dial F For Fantasy.’ Janey Robbins has him acting out her every whim, crawling on the kitchen floor as he begs for mercy. For a less aggressive, more sensual side of Janey Robbins, her romp with Marc Wallice in ‘Lust At The Top’ is a sure-fire winner. Janey Robbins rarely landed starring roles, but when she did she shined. Her no-holds-barred attitude kept her name alive in the business well after she retired in 1986, and Janey Robbins continues to pop up in hardcore compilation vids from time to time. One look at this take-charge tantalizer in action and you’ll understand why — Janey Robbins is one sex star who you simply can’t forget.

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Vintage hairy pics : Trick Tracey 1

Vintage hairy pics : Trick Tracey 1

Victoria Slick free porn – “I Want To Watch”

Name: I Want To Watch

Duration: 58 min


Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1982

Categories: Victoria Slick free porn, 1982, United States, English, Danielle, Linda Shaw, Cindy Lewis, Becky Savage, Victoria Slick, Kathy Kay, Billy Dee, Ken Scudder, Black

Actors: Billy Dee,Ken Scudder

Actress: Danielle,Linda Shaw,Cindy Lewis,Becky Savage,Victoria Slick,Kathy Kay


Daily lesbian porn classics in “True Crimes of Passion”

Name: True Crimes of Passion

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Kim Christy

Year: 1983

Duration: 133 min

Categories: Daily lesbian porn classics, 1983, United States, English, Kim Christy, Janey Robbins, Kim Christy, Leo Ford, Kim Christy, Carnal Candy, Johnny Canada, Anal, Lesbian

Actress: Janey Robbins,Kim Christy

Actors: Leo Ford,Kim Christy,Carnal Candy,Johnny Canada

Janey Robbins is known as one of the most sexually aggressive and decadently desirable women to hit the porn scene in the 80s. Here she stars as detective B.J. Fondel, who tries to solve a tantalizing trio of sex-related crimes. The first case involves a woman, married to a preacher but living a second life as a dominitrix with her own personal sex serf. In her next case Janey’s searching for a transsexual killer who turns out to be her best friend’s new maid. In her final foray, Janey gets so worked up that she needs to be serviced by both of the guys she’s trying to track down! In the end, Janey uses her voluptuous figure to round up all the carnal criminals in this amorous adventure tale


Vintage mature porn pics – Demolition Woman

Vintage mature porn pics – Demolition Woman

Free black vintage porn : “All Knight Long”

Name: All Knight Long

Language: English

Year: 1991

Country: United States

Director: Hal Freeman

Duration: 69 min

Categories: Free black vintage porn, 1991, United States, English, Hal Freeman, Nina Hartley, Tracey Adams, Nikki Knights, Carol Cummings, Alexis White, Randy West, Marc Wallace, Billy Dee, Jon Dough, Buddy Love, Black

Actors: Randy West,Marc Wallace,Billy Dee,Jon Dough,Buddy Love

Actress: Nina Hartley,Tracey Adams,Nikki Knights,Carol Cummings,Alexis White

Nikki loves to spend her nights in the company of her best friends. One thing quickly leads to another when the lovely neighbor Tracy Adams gets seduced by Nikki.


Heather Sinclair porn in “Heather Hunted”

Name: Heather Hunted

Country: United States

Director: Judy Blue

Duration: 80 min

Year: 1990

Language: English

Actors: Mike Horner,Jake Steed,Lance Heywood

Categories: Heather Sinclair porn, 1990, United States, English, Judy Blue, Madison, Heather Hunter, Heather Sinclair, Mike Horner, Jake Steed, Lance Heywood, Facial, Interracial, Swallow, Black

Actress: Madison,Heather Hunter,Heather Sinclair

A decent good guy, bad guy/cops and robbers yam with Heather Hunter coming across as extremely likeable and vulnerable, Heather Hunted features hot sex scenes and relatively new faces. When Madiguy arrives at Heather Hunter’s stately home to the strains of creepy music, you just know she’s trouble. Hunter takes her in as a roomie anyway. It isn’t long before they’re enjoying a girl-girl gnasher on the staircase. Hunter strikes athletic poses and makes her trademark moan music. Madiguy emerges as a manipulative woman who has the knack of getting what she wants. Her mysterious "friend" Mike Horner suddenly appears asking about some film — evidence in Madison’s blackmailing scheme of a senator which eventually lands her in the morgue. Good production all around.


Vintage porn 1980 in “Erotica Jones”

Name: Erotica Jones

Year: 1985

Country: United States

Director: Scotty Fox

Duration: 66 min

Language: English

Actors: Paul Thomas,Marc Wallace,Harry Reems,Dino Alexander

Actress: Christy Canyon,Patricia Manning,Cheri Janvier,Jessica Hunter

Categories: Vintage porn 1980, 1985, United States, English, Scotty Fox, Christy Canyon, Patricia Manning, Cheri Janvier, Jessica Hunter, Paul Thomas, Marc Wallace, Harry Reems, Dino Alexander, Lesbian


Ashlyn Gere in Classic lesbian porn videos

Ashlyn Gere in Classic lesbian porn videos

Name: Internal Affairs

Country: United States

Year: 1995

Language: English

Director: Bud Lee

Duration: 146 min

Categories: Classic lesbian porn videos, Ashlyn Gere, 1995, United States, English, Bud Lee, Ashlyn Gere, Asia Carrera, Chasey Lain, Dallas, Brittany Andrews, Jon Dough, Steven St. Croix, Bud Lee, E Z Ryder, Jack Hoffman, David Stanley, B.D. Cap, Facial, Lesbian, Asian

Actors: Jon Dough,Steven St. Croix,Bud Lee,E Z Ryder,Jack Hoffman,David Stanley,B.D. Cap

Actress: Ashlyn Gere,Asia Carrera,Chasey Lain,Dallas,Brittany Andrews

Ashlyn Gere in Classic lesbian porn videos

It’s Ashlyn as you have never seen her before… as police psychologist, in her final scorching farewell to the world of adult entertainment. She’s faced with a problem like no other. A problem cop. And it’ll take all her street smarts and feminine wiles to get him off the beat. She wanted her final performance to be her hottest. Psychologically speaking, we think she’s achieved closure.


Nina Hartley – hairy pussy vintage pics

Nina Hartley – hairy pussy vintage pics